Modern-day businesses spend a major chunk of their time and revenue aiming at sales and publications to entice new customers. However, as conventionally proven, the most successful businesses are the ones that prioritize the retention of existing customers.
Rough estimates suggest that companies tend to spend anywhere between six and twenty times as much money to sign up a new client in comparison to keeping an existing one. This, in turn, boils down to the fact that appropriate financial sense about one’s business is quite significant for preserving healthy customer relations.

CRM at Eccountant

At Eccountant, we highly regard the value that customers bring into our business. It is one of our firmly established beliefs that our customers are the ones bringing in revenue and innovative ideas for better sales service. Therefore, in order to fully understand the customer needs and enhance our service accordingly, Eccountant gives you it’s CRM for improved informational organization, enhanced communication, extraordinary customer service and improved analytical data and reporting.

Basic Functionality

Customer Relationship Management Software has been around for several years, aiding businesses to keep track of their interactions with clients and offering professional tips on improvingcustomer interactions.Apart from featuring all that, our CRM systems are highly renowned for their varied applications in managing business contracts, automating sales leads, providing essential employee-training and offering top-notch customer support.

Advanced Capability using Analytical Engines

Moreover, the CRMs installed at Eccountant are highly scalable and efficiently customizable according to the client’s requirements.Our built-in cloud connectivity ensures quicker updating of results of client meetings. Using predictive analytics, we gain statistical insights to the customer needs and use them to streamline business opportunities and elevate organizational performance. Lastly, our CRMs become even more worthwhile as they tend to easily integrate with other applications including scheduling softwares as well as cloud accounting systems.

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