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What is Eccountant?

Eccountant is cloud-based accounting software that helps your business make informed decisions through automation of sales, purchase, invoicing, project management, CRM and payroll. It helps you in;

• Tracking sales and income
• Managing your clients and providers
• Monitoring your tax and making tax returns significantly less demanding
• Understanding your organization’s performance
• Planning ahead and budgeting
As Eccountant is a cloud-software, there’s no compelling reason to introduce any installable software on your computer. You get to have Eccountant straight on all internet empowered gadgets such as your PC, tablet, mobile or smartphones.

What is the system requirements for Eccountant?

Recommended system requirements
• Windows PC:
• Mac
Eccountant works best with a fast broadband Internet connection.

Why should i use Eccountant?

Eccountant is an Online Accounting Software that gives you ease of use and control over your business from anywhere in the world. Eccountant incorporates finest industry practices and updates about the current improvements in all industries. In the ever-changing dynamics of modern businesses globally, having the tools to make informed decisions is vital for the growth of any business. That is where Eccountant comes in, making you empowered and giving you power and financial expertise.

Do i have to choose the entire menu of options or just the ones i needs?

You can choose from an array of options available to you in settings. You can choose just one module or the entire range of it according to your needs. You also have the option of customization which other providers of accounting software in Pakistan don’t offer.

What are the core modules in Eccountant business accounting software and ERP?

The core modules of Eccountant business accounting software and ERP are:
• Customer and Sales Module
• Supplier and Purchase Module
• Inventory Management
• General Ledger Accounting
• Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
• Production
• Dashboard
• Reporting
• Payroll

What are the security measures in modules in Eccountant ERP software?

End to end encryption (SSL) is a way of transmitting a message so that it can only be read by the intended recipient and not be intercepted by accessing the servers or the networks via which the message is sent. The message is scrambled that needs a key held by sender and recipient to understand it. A bank level security is provided by Eccountant, a 2,048 bit SSL encryption that is estimated to be broken in 6.4 quadrillion years!

What kind of training do you offer for this accounting software in Pakistan?

We offer both on-site and online trainings to all the personnel involved in the implementation of Eccountant in your company. That can include but not limited to Owner, accountants, sales force etc.

How much accounting do i need to know to operate this accounting software in Pakistan?

We have planned Eccountant to be extremely easy to understand for clients. Learning of accounting methods is by no means required in this product. We are here so you will not have to learn all those GAAP rules to do accounting. For further facilitation, we give simple guideline manual as well.

Will Eccountant work on my Apple Mac?

Absolutely, Eccountant is a Cloud-based accounting software. It’s not dependent on the type of system running it, only on the lowest bytes of internet are required for its operations.

Can I access Eccountant on my mobile phone or tablet?

Eccountant can be accessed from any web empowered cell phone. The experience will be improved on any iOS gadget (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) and Android tablet or Smartphone with the Eccountant App whose development is underway and will be available soon.

Can I access Eccountant offline?

You will need an internet connection to access Eccountant.

Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade?

One of the many advantages of cloud based software is that you’re generally on the latest update. Updates happen naturally and won’t influence your working in the slightest. When the system updates, you’ll receive an email notification as well as message on the software itself.

Is there a trial period and how do I sign up?

There’s a 30 days free trial period. Just enter your name, email address and choose a password and you’re good to go – we don’t ask for your any payment details for trial.

How do I subscribe if I decide that Eccountant is right for me?

Once your trial period finishes, you will be directed to a payment page where you can subscribe. You can choose to subscribe at any stage during the trial with a few clicks of your mouse.

What information do I need to sign up?

You need minimum information for signing up. Full name, company name, country name and setting a password is all you need.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through check to be deposited at our bank account in HBL and we also accept payment through Mobicash.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

If you unsubscribe within your free 7 day time for testing, you won’t be charged anything. In case you’re a paying subscriber and you wipe out your membership to Eccountant Service for any reason, Eccountant can’t furnish you with pro-rata refund for whatever is left of the month that you paid for in advance. You will keep on getting the Eccountant Service for the rest of the month you paid for which is the point at which the cancellation of the membership is effective and you’ll no longer have access to the service.

Does Eccountant provide onsite setup assistance?

Eccountant does provide online setup assistance through on-site visits at one-time PKR 10,000 implementation charge.

Can I have more than one company file?

When you sign up using one company name, you can create unlimited number of accounts, files or users in that account. However, if you want to have more than one company registered under Eccountant, you’ll have to buy more than one subscription.

Can I import and export data into Eccountant?

You can import and export the following lists to and from MS Excel or CSV file; Customers Suppliers Products and services Chart of accounts plus you can export reports to MS Excel or in PDF format and/or email them to anyone you want.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

If you cancel during the trial period, then your data will be deleted immediately. Your data will also be deleted after trial period ends unless you have already intimated to us regarding your intentions to subscribe.
In case you are a paying subscriber, you’ll be given a 365 days read only access to your account after which the account along with all the information will be deleted.