Engineering Industries remain under pressure and are facing efficiency and cost management issues owing to rising costs of raw materials, high operational costs and the high cost of maintenance.  Eccountant-ERP software has the ability to optimize your operations and give you a better control on costs and improve your profits.

Key Benefits for Using ERP Solution:  

Eccountant-ERP is designed to fulfill all the needs of an engineering company and is extremely scalable and versatile. Its powerful and comprehensive modules assist you to manage your end-to-end engineering business. Eccountant-ERP supports a complete variety of engineering trade processes like procurement, production management with added features of quality checks, accounts, design & planning, multi location inventory management, HRM & CRM.

Key features

  • Serial number wise inventory
  • projects costing
  • Assembling & disassembling 
  • Supply Chain management
  • Job order 
  • Local Taxation
  • Sub-Contracting 
  • Multicurrency 

ERP Modules for Engineering Industry

  • Finance & Accounts
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management 
  • Import & Export
  • Sales & Receivable management system
  • Assembling management 
  • Project Management 
  • HRM & Payroll with Machine integrations 
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Multi Location-Inventory Management
  • Comprehensive reporting

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