Our Modules

Eccountant is focused on giving you control over your business.

Book Keeping / Financials

All businesses go through lot of laborious manual accounting entries. Eccountant helps such businesses to minimize errors and to keep more accurate records of accounting data through its automated bookkeeping processes. Moreover, the processes are reliable, scalable, fast and secure.

Invoices and Quotes

With online Invoicing, Eccountant gives you the control to access and send them from everywhere, communicate reminders to your customers, eliminate errors, deal with many currencies and easy customization.

Inventory Management

Eccountant gives you an efficient inventory management system that gives you accurate control over your products management, an organized warehouse, lets you save time and money and increases efficiency and productivity. With Eccountant, you get to know your exact reorder points which in turn lead to reduced queue time.


With Eccountant, you can use our reports feature that links complex financial information of various modules to give you a bird’s eye view of your business. Our reporting reduces both the risk and financial cost of preparing them and lets you have an audit at any time, any day of the year for regulatory compliance. Our structure is user-friendly and cost-effective.

Project Management

With Eccountant’s project management module, you can collaborate and share information with your colleagues in real-time, share documents and manage project costs. With this module, you’ve the ability to manage risks, forecasting and budgets. Eccountant gives you the best deal with greatest ROI.


Eccountant lets you move away from the dreary HR role of salary calculations, headcount etc. by giving you its automated Payroll processing. It’s faster with lower payroll processing cost, more accurate, less stress and more productivity. With features such as over-time calculations, shift timings, attendance sheet and control over rule-setting, Eccountant gives you complete control over your company.


Customers are the primary focus of all businesses. When all is said and done, customers are the ones bringing in revenue and ideas for better sales service. Therefore, understanding them should be foremost goal of any company. Eccountant gives you it’s CRM for improved informational organization, enhanced communication, extraordinary customer service and improved analytical data and reporting.

24/7 Customer Service

We at Eccountant believe in the importance of live, interpersonal communication between the company and its customers. Call us old-fashioned but we don’t believe in automated voicemails. We let you connect directly with any department, be it sales or development for timely execution of your query. We also don’t believe in queue time and thus to not have a queue time is not to have a queue. That’s why with Eccountant, your query is resolved within an hour.

Multiple Companies

Even if you have multiple companies, Eccountant lets you deal with all the companies with their different regulations, procedures, cultures and people at the same platform. Hence even if you’re out of country, rest assured that your information is accessible to you all times.

User Rights

Eccountant is the only software company that allows you to add as many users as you want; be it five employees or one hundred. Each user’s responsibilities are defined by you, the owner who can assign them rights to edit, delete, modify and/or view. You can also look at each user’s history since inception to understand their working better.